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tool: idconfuser

The idconfuser randomly combines parts of lines of texts into new lines.

Though the randomness causes some lines to be near nonsense, other lines prove to be insightful and poetic.
The idconfuser was used in the future filters installation

the idconfuser can be found at

tool: linked words

linked words allows a single prayer to be said by multiple people distributed all over the world.

Each participant is given a word and a timer to say that word. If all participants say their word on time, together the words will form the prayer.

tool: decider

decider makes shopping easy. It randomly decides where the item to be bought can be found in a shop.

Simply load the page and follow the directions.
decider can be found at

tool: true navigator

true navigator gives a series of random directions at random times.

Simply load the page, click to start and follow the arrows.
true navigator can be found at

tool: your walk

your walk is similar to true navigator but it only gives direction when asked.

Simply load the page, click to start and follow directions.
true navigator can be found at

tool: intheory

intheory determines where the user stands within art-theory.

The user is repeatedly asked to indicate which statement is preferred out of two statements. This is repeated until a clear hierarchy of the 14 statements has been determined, after which the statements are weighted and the top 14 is presented.

intheory can be found at